How To Order - Our Products

Step-by-Step Process On How To Order Wholesale Item / Our Product

We have so many ways for you to make an order and buy our products. You can choose either using E-mail, Facebook, or Whatsapp. For more detail please refer at E A Contact

Step 1

  • Please E-mail us about Your Name, Address & H/p Number. 
  • Make a list of item that you wanted to buy, make sure you type the name of product correctly 
  • For Examples : Jubah Rowena /Quantity- 20 pcs 

Step 2

  • Message us on WhatsApp 
  • Tell us about your order. 
  • Hotline No. :+6017-693 1424

Step 3

  • After we learned about your order, we will the make an invoice. 
  • You can get our Invoice through an E-mail or Whatsapp. 

Step 4

  • If u Agree with our invoice. you may make a payment through our Company Account 
  • Maybank Account: 514785015652

Step 5

  • Let us know your transfer method on Whatsapp, attach us your Payment receipt as Confirmation.
  • Hotline No. :+6017-693 1424

Step 6

  • We deliver your order into your place
  • Our Company will issued delivery into your Consignment Num.
  • Example : Worldwide Kangaroo Express / Consignment Num : 105430679

Step 7

Delivery Is Received