How To Order - Tailoring Industry

Step-by-Step Process On How To Order Wholesale Item / Our Product

We made a lot type of clothing, from Menswear to Womenwear, we make everything. Our service is not limited for a certain type of clothing. Our Company already made for a few Malaysian famous fashion line.they choose us because we provide the Excellence tailoring experienced that you can ever have. Please feel free to check our Testimony for more information.

Step 1

  • Contact our company official hotline number
  • Identify your personal detail and your type of product

Step 2

  • Make an appointment with a our Director Manager for discussion.

Step 3

  • Quotation will be issued into our customer attention

Step 4

  • If you agreed with quotation statement, please state your quantity, colours, type of design, material, etc.

Step 5

  • Invoice will be issued once everything is done.
  • A company will also give you a product profile for your reference.

Step 6

  • For receiving your order, you can choose either
  • You want us to deliver  into your place ( Klang valley area only ) OR
  • The customer come to our office and pick it up itself.

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